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Belated B-day Fic for the lovely Spike.... Halloween-themed

So, here it is, Spike-- sorry for taking so long to write this.  Alas, you know my sad, on-again/off-again relationship with my plot bunnies. *shakes head woefully* lol
Anyway, here's to you: one of the most lovely people I know. :)  I really hope you enjoy this fic!

Thanks to Sparky and Avery for being absolutely fabulous and beta'ing this at the last minute!  Big hugs to both of you!

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Recently ("recently" in this context being a month or so ago...), I watched a movie called 'Third Star' and this is the result...

I made this vid a few days after my grandfather passed so... this was sort of my own way of coming to terms with illness, death, and the emotions that accompany them.
My grandfather and I weren't close, by any stretch of the imagination, but... there's just no explaining emotions sometimes. They're just... there.
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I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!

I didn't realize that you guys thought I was in Oklahoma, so I wanted to clarify so that you guys aren't under the wrong impression. I'm in Kansas, so there was only some bad storms that could have turned into tornados, but thankfully, didn't.  I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to give you guys the wrong impression.  Really, truly sorry. :(